Why Repipe?

Many homes and apartment buildings in King County were originally plumbed with galvanized iron pipes, which over time will rust and corrode.  Corrosion actually reduces the inside diameter of the pipe, so the longer this process goes on, the smaller the opening of the pipe becomes. This means less water is flowing to every faucet, shower or toilet in your house. This is what most people are experiencing when they say, Low Water Pressure. Then there are those microscopic bits of rust and other minerals being released in the water you drink, bathe in and cook with. Not a pretty picture.

With a copper or PEX repipe our experienced plumbers will replace the old galvanized pipe with new piping and in most cases we’ll do it in One Day. You’ll soon experience the “Repipe Difference” and wish you had repiped earlier.

We have completed over 5000 repipes in the Seattle area, so when our crew steps into your home, you’ll be in good experienced hands.

Most jobs done within a day, REACH OUT FOR FREE QUOTE
Shoreline, WA

Hello. The Shoreline Plumbing Inspector visited our home after completion of work by Global Plumbing, LLC. He said everything was up-to-code, and signed off on our inspection papers. He said, “It was a good job.”

We are very pleased with Global Plumbing, LLC work and workers. They were very conscientious and courteous in performing the work: replacement of old (1952) galvanized water pipes with “Wirsbo PEX” piping and replacement of water tank. The work was performed quickly and with quality.

We highly recommend Pacific Plumbing.

Thank you for a job well done.

Seattle, WA


Enclosed please find my check for the remaining balance due for repiping job at my residence.

I want you to know that the work you did came as advertised. Your workers were very efficient and respective of the contents of our house. I will not hesitate to recommend your firm in the future.

Best regards

West Seattle, WA

Great repiping job by Nick and his crew.

Kirkland, WA

The city inspector told my wife that the work exceeds the plumbing code requirements. I am very happy we hired your company.

Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

I own a duplex here on Queen Anne (Seattle) so combined I have (2) Kitchens and (2/5) baths, (2) water heaters, (2) sets of washer and dryers. I did not think they could do it all in one day as they advertise but they did. Having tenants in the other unit made it a priority that it got done and as promised they got here at 9AM and were done by 3:30PM that afternoon. Great job and true experts. You can tell they’ve done a lot of these complete repipe jobs. 5 Stars.

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